Play Classic Arcade Games on Facebook Messenger

Do you enjoy bragging about holding the high score on your Ms. Pac-Man cocktail arcade game? Now it’s time to put your money where your mouth is. Instead of letting you get away with your boasting, now your friends can challenge you to a match right on Facebook. This is either very good or very bad news, depending on how much you exaggerate your classic gaming skills.

Facebook is now utilizing another way to keep users on its platform – by offering classic gaming experiences that draw you in. If you like classic arcade games, you’ll probably agree: Facebook just became a whole lot more interesting.

Facebook’s Instant Gaming Feature

Facebook’s new feature, Instant Games on Messenger, is destined to become a huge hit. After all, it beats Farmville any day of the week. It’s available on Messenger for iOS or Android. All you have to do is start a conversation with a friend or even a group of friends, then touch the game controller icon at the bottom of the screen.

You start up the game, complete your round, then your friend is able to view your score. They can play a round and see if they’re good enough to de-throne you as the champion.

Some of the classic gaming titles include Pac-Man, Galaga, and Space Invaders, all games that will test your skills from the past. You will be able to see leaderboards and chat with your friends within the game.

Could It Be a Money-Maker?

As of right now, Facebook is not running ads within the games, but it will likely test that feature going forward. You also won’t be able to play in co-op or multiplayer mode. Still, the draw of classic gaming could be key to keeping users connected and engaged with the social media platform, which is key to Facebook’s probable goals. It could potentially earn significant ad revenue in the future.

Start Challenging

As long as your phone’s software is recently updated, you are ready to play – no additional download is necessary. Fire up Facebook messenger and start connecting and challenging friends today to boost your rep.