Pixelman Productions: Founded by a 16-Year-Old

Pixelman Productions is an up and coming video game company, but the CEO is younger than you might think. Apparently, when you’re trying to get an internship at a video game company, saying you have a love for vertical arcade games isn’t enough to earn a position. David Eisman, a 16-year-old high school sophomore, found that out when he tried to get hired at various video game companies. They all told him he needed experience, such as proof that he’s created his own game. Instead of taking no for an answer, or going home to try to write his own game, Eisman went a step further: he simply built his own gaming company.

The Company

You may have heard of Eisman’s father – he’s Steve Eisman, the hedge fund manager portrayed by actor Steve Carell in the movie “The Big Short.” While his father has provided help along the way, it hasn’t come in the form of cash. Eisman decided to build his business by advertising jobs for programmers, artists, and writers with payment promised via a revenue share model. His new company, Pixelman Productions has hired 12 employees from locations all over the globe.

The Game

The first game from Pixelman Productions is called Mirka. Its main protagonist is a female character and the game is in a walking simulator format. This type of video game is a first-person experience where you explore your character’s world and make decisions based on your observations. Eisman states that the game is designed to make the player feel emotions typically not associated with video game play. Eventually, they hope to raise the funds to develop the game through Kickstarter, and they plan on publishing it for PC/Mac platforms and PlayStation.

Big Dreams

Eisman views Pixelman Productions as an accomplishment, but also a starting point. He wants to eventually work at integrating gaming into the educational system. It’s clear that Eisman’s dream of working in the video game industry is now a reality, and will stay that way for quite some time.

When was the last time you met a 16-year-old with his own video game company?