Pac-Man: The Arcade Machines that Eats Them All

Pac-Man is the undisputed highest grossing of all the arcade machines since the beginning of time. This is a good year for recognizing the insane success of Pac-Man. The game’s creator, Tōru Iwatani, passed away at the age of 91on January 22, 2017. The game was released originally in Japan in 1980 and was met with undeniable success. The 1981release in North America, however, was an explosive, runaway, jaw-dropping success. More than $1 billion in quarters were spent on the game the first year alone. If you’re trying to decide between classic arcade machines, you can’t go wrong choosing Pac-Man.

The spark of an idea lights the world on fire 

Iwatani was a lead designer at Namco, and there are several stories behind his 1979 creation of Pac-Man. The most popular story is that Iwatani became inspired when he saw a pizza with a missing slice. He came up with the idea of a game where eating was the main activity. The non-violent game was a departure from the more popular games at the time, including space shooters. The game was released as Puck Man within months, and it was a hit instantly.

Pac-Man Culture

The blinding flash of success Pac-Man enjoyed immediately in North America has had culture-changing staying power. Pac-Man has an immoveable place in history and continues to be relevant. On April 1, 2017, Google repeated its 2015 April Fool’s Day trick by claiming to launch Pac-Man spinoff Ms. Pac-Man in Google Maps. The “new feature” allowed users to play the game in any area where there were enough roads for the characters to navigate.

Still good for business

It’s always smart for businesses wanting to grow profits to invest in arcade machines. You can never go wrong installing Pac-Man. It has been more than a game that always creates interest. It’s a character that has won millions of hearts everywhere. Pac-Man was the first gaming mascot and it was the first arcade game to intentionally target a female audience. It also has the distinction of being the first game to be popular over four decades of releases. Arcade Classics has all the classic arcade machines for sale, including Pac-Man. Get a classic Pac-Man arcade game machine for your home or business today.