"OhHeckYeah" Denver Arcade Slotted for Summer 2014 Opening

When Brian Corrigan was awarded with a $200K grant to turn a small area of Denver into a state of the art arcade with a cutting artistic edge, he knew that he would need help. After all, he’s going to have to buy a lot supplies to paint the best Ms Pacman arcade machine murals in his new space. Nicknamed ‘OhHeckYeah,’ Corrigan is looking to crowdsourcing to attain the additional $100K he will need to open the arcade by next summer.

In total, the arcade parlor is projected to cost around $750K. Part of reason for the high price tag is the prime real estate that Corrigan intends on renting out. The other reason – interactive gaming technology. There will be projectors displaying images in and outside of the arcade. Patrons will be able to start a game and view it in stunning 3-dimensional graphics. In addition, Corrigan will be joining up forces with other local artists to make the space incredibly unique.

Along with Corrigan’s arcade, several other technologically advanced businesses are slated to open in that area. Although Colorado is already fairly popular with tourists, it’s more well known for it’s snowy slopes than being a hotbed of activity for business professionals. It seems unlikely that a modern arcade would help to attract that type of crowd, but Corrigan has a unique vision.

Both the games themselves as well as the venue itself will be interactive. Poets, musicians, artists, business owners and regular, everyday people will be invited to collaborate and create new forms of entertainment. In some ways, his vision makes a lot of sense. The standard arcade parlor is losing popularity with consumers because home video consoles are more convenient.

The jury is still out as to whether or not a single Ms Pacman arcade machine will be found at OhHeckYeah, but Corrigan was surely inspired by the classics. Within the next few months, fund raising efforts will increase to keep up with the development of custom video games, staffing and even collectible coins made in honor of the arcade. Corrigan has a lot of lofty ideas, and if he has it his way, he will be the proud owner of one of the most advanced arcades in the U.S.