Nintendo Struggles to Sell Most Popular Game Consoles

Nintendo may be the maker of some of the world’s most popular gaming consoles, but even this leader in the industry is desperate to make sales. In 2012, Nintendo debuted the Nintendo 3DS, with expectations of around 18 million units sold within a year. Nintendo is known both for its video game and arcade machines for sale, but it has been their handheld gaming consoles that have made the biggest impact.

In the last six months alone, Nintendo has reduced its sales targets for the 3DS twice. In addition, the price of the Nintendo 3DS dropped significantly. Neither of these efforts has helped the game maker to meet its goal. Sales of the Nintendo 3DS have been disappointing, despite the fact that Nintendo has offered some of the most impressive titles and lowered the price multiple times. The Nintendo 3DS also comes with many features that the PlayStation Vita lacks.

As a result, Nintendo’s profit margins have fallen by almost 20%. Stocks for the company have also been slowly and steadily dropped. Most of Nintendo’s profits come directly from the sale of gaming consoles. Older model arcade machines for sale from Nintendo make up a smaller and much less significant portion of their profits. Nintendo’s next move is to introduce an interactive game controller that can be used with the Nintendo Wii U.

The Nintendo Wii was the first console to allow gamers to interactively plan games at home, rather than at arcades. Both Microsoft and Sony followed suit by offered peripherals that simulated interactive game play. Nintendo literally changed the way that people viewed and operated home gaming consoles, effectively lifting barriers that had been around for years. For the first time, senior citizens played video games alongside toddlers, with both age groups sharing a similar level of enjoyment.

While sales of the Nintendo Wii U and 3DS have been a sore spot for Nintendo, the company can still experience a substantial sales surge. Partnering with game maker and gaining exclusive rights to a few popular titles could encourage consumers to buy the console rather than going with one of Nintendo’s competitors.