Nintendo Seriously Targeting Gamers Aged 50+

Although the world has slowly come to learn that gamers come in all ages and varieties, the stereotypical image of the adolescent video game player is still the most widely recognized. Nintendo is unquestionably the oldest producer of video game titles, gaming accessories and commercial arcade machines. The company’s influence on the market is impressive, but consumers have failed to show much enthusiasm for Nintendo’s latest release.

Nintendo had hoped that more elderly consumers would use the Nintendo Wii U to stay healthy and active in the same manner that parents purchased the home system to keep their kids occupied. The Nintendo Wii U is most likely to be found in households that contains parents and children, not elderly people by themselves. A new marketing effort headed by Nintendo goes after the 50+ demographic with renewed hope.

As Nintendo gears up to show off what it has been developing for the Nintendo Wii U console, the company believes that health minded gamers will be impressed. More than 20 upcoming titles have been slotted for the Nintendo Wii U, and its new touch screen game controller looks promising to say the least. Since gamers won’t be able to look at the television screen and the Nintendo Wii U controller touch screen at the same time, it is unclear how useful gamers will find it to be in the long run. It could be a highly marketable feature for Nintendo in the health market, or it could prove to be completely unnecessary.

As soon as the gaming industry began to produce more titles and hardware for gamers to use at home, fun and leisure became the focus. Standing at vintage arcade machines might make you a little listless at times, but it burns far more calories than sitting on the couch. The new Nintendo Wii console has the potential to be backed by doctors and medical associations simply because there are few technologically advanced tools designed to aid people in staying active. Older people that already play video games are certain to check out what Nintendo has to offer, but those who are not moved by technology will be a hard sell.