Nintendo Announces First Release of Arcade Archives Collection

Nintendo Game

According to the latest announcement, the first game Nintendo will release on the Switch as part of its Arcade Archives collection is the 1983 classic Mario Bros. Of course, playing the game on a Switch console won't be the same as standing at a full-size upright arcade machine, but it is the next closest thing.

The games in the Arcade Archives collection are ports of the full arcade versions of the games rather than the NES version. In other words, the games will look and sound just like the arcade originals. They will have some minor additions, but that won't detract from the experience if you were a fan back in the 80s.

You can get Mario Bros. on September 27. Nintendo hasn't given a release date for the other titles it plans to release as part of the collection, but they are coming soon.

Nintendo Arcade Archives Planned Titles

Mario Bros. – in 1983 Nintendo took the two plumbers, Mario and Luigi, from Donkey Kong and gave them their own game. Of course, it was the first of many, but Mario Bros. is where it all began.

Super Mario Bros. – released in 1985, Super Mario Bros. was the sequel to Mario Bros. Mario and Luigi's job is to save Princess Toadstool from bad guy Bowser.

Balloon Fight – the 1984 game where you control a Balloon Fighter to defeat enemies and prevent your balloons getting popped.

Ice Climber – help ice climbers Popo and Nana climb up mountains covered in ice to get back vegetables stolen by a giant condor. This game originally hit the arcades in 1985.

Clu Clu Land – this game was released in America in 1985. You control Bubbles the balloon fish as she swims through a maze collecting ingots made of gold.

Punch-Out!! – The boxing game that hit American arcades in 1984. You control Little Mac as he fights a range of different opponents.

Pinball – the virtual pinball machine video game that Nintendo released in 1984. The bonus stage involves controlling the ever-present Nintendo character Mario as he tries to rescue Pauline – again.

If this has sparked memories of your arcade-loving youth, you have options other than buying console versions of these games. Many of the titles are available on our arcade machines where you can get the full experience. Check out the range today.