Newly Discovered Prehistoric Shark Species Named After Galaga

When the team behind the original version of Galaga where coming up with a name for the classic arcade game, prehistoric sharks that had yet to be discovered are likely to have been the last thing on their minds. Instead, they would have been thinking about arcade game machines for sale and ensuring as many of them as possible were Galaga machines.

Roll forward 38 years, though, and there is now a connection between this classic 1980s arcade game and a shark thought to have last been alive around 67 million years ago.

The Story of Galagadon

When scientists discovered the new shark species, they decided to name it Galagadon. This is believed to be the first time ever that a prehistoric animal has been named after an arcade game.

Galagadon was discovered in South Dakota – apparently, this part of the US was covered in swamps and rivers 67 million years ago.

The area they found Galagadon was the same place that scientist found Sue, one of the most famous and most complete Tyrannosaurus Rex fossils in the world. Sue was discovered back in 1990, but scientists kept the rock see if they could find anything else.

To find Galagadon, scientists had to sift through around two tonnes of dirt. Their efforts were rewarded, though, as they found over 20 teeth from a species of prehistoric shark nobody had ever seen before.

The discovery of Galagadon was described in a paper published in the Journal of Palaeontology.

Why Was the Shark Named After Galaga?

So, why was this prehistoric shark named after a classic 1980s arcade game? The answer comes in the shape of the shark's teeth as they are shaped like the spaceship in Galaga. Unlike Galaga, however, the Galagadon is unlikely to have been able to take on alien invaders. It certainly wouldn’t have been able to battle a Tyrannosaurus Rex as it was quite small – about 18 inches long, in fact.

While its teeth might be small, their resemblance to the Galaga space ship is striking.

You won’t be able to see a Galagadon in real life as it became extinct a long time ago. The classic 80s arcade game Galaga, however, is far from extinct. In fact, you can still play it on a full-size arcade machine. Browse the range that we have available today.