Newest Arcade-Bar Fusion Opens in Ohio

While arcade themed bars might be passé to hipsters, the rest of us are still proverbially scratching our heads in unison. Plenty of bars have the Ms Pacman cocktail table planted right next to the jukebox, but the idea of gamers and barflies coming together for weekly Pong tournaments is still a little foreign to most. In Ohio, 16-Bit Bar opened to a long line of customers who were as eager to grab a frosty beverage as they were ready to grab the nearest joystick. For many 20 to 30-something working professionals, bar-arcade fusions are the next wave in networking.

Playing video games on a regular basis no longer equates being a nerd. People rarely express shock when a woman is capable of recording a high score, and as many parents know how to turn on the X-box as their children. The fact of the matter is that bar-arcades attract a different kind of clientele than the average bar. While their patrons aren’t opposed to drinking alcoholic beverages, albeit in moderation, they are much more likely to become regular. Finger foods sell amazingly well, and although customers might stay for longer stretches of time, their much more likely to bring along a few friends.

For business owners, the increasing demand for arcade-bars has greatly helped the fledgling arcade gaming market. Arcade hall owners can sell their machines at a higher rate, while bar owners can more quickly stock up on inventory. Similar to the way that hookah bars became to be regular hangouts for college aged kids on late nights, it appears that arcade-bars are trending all over the country.

The 16-Bit Bar has continued to grow in popularity since its opening a few weeks ago. A number of local residents had no idea that that arcade-bar concept even existed prior to this business’ grand debut. The only downside to this newest Ohio establishment is the fact that no kids are allowed. Unlike traditional arcades featuring the Ms Pacman cocktail table, which depend on the patronage of teens and tweens, arcade themed bars are sort of like man-caves for younger working professionals. The good news is that many people in Ohio will probably want to celebrate their 21st birthdays at the 16-Bit Bar to find out what they have missing.