New York Based Museum Proudly Boasts Rare Arcade Machine Collection

Although many arcade gaming fans are just finding out about the iconic Museum of Play, the organization has actually been in existence since the 1960s. Not all of the exhibits house arcade cocktail table games, but just a month ago an astounding 7,000 additional titles were imported straight from Japan. The museum is focused entirely on interactive exhibits, where visitors are able to interact and ‘play’ to their hearts are content.

While there are other museums that features hands-on activities, they are generally geared toward children. This is where Museum of Play differs. Of course, there are quite a few areas that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, but few kids would probably be very interested in playing Radarscope for more than a round or two.

Originally, the titles were owned by a single private collector who has been amassing games since he was a young adult. Recognizing that he had the opportunity to make a lot of money, he put his entire collection of 7,000 games up for purchase and actually found someone who agreed to pay his asking price – over $1 million. Once the sale fell through, the Museum of Play made an offer and became the proud new owner of a collection worthy of envy the world over.

In total, the museum has collected a number of titles compatible with nearly 20 home gaming systems. Staffers are still working to sort, test and catalog this massive collection of games, but some titles are already available for play. With the exception of a few unknown private collections, the Museum of Play very well may be the largest collector of classic arcade titles in the United States.

Most people wouldn’t entertain the idea of traveling to Rochester, New York, just to play a few thousand rare, classic arcade cocktail table games, but that’s what is so appealing about this museum. Classic arcade gaming is somewhat of an acquired taste, and fans will go the extra mile to get exact what they want. Compared to the prices some pay for mint condition games and classic titles, traveling out to Rochester can be considered to be child’s play.