New Video Games, Old Consoles

Once a video game manufacturer announces that it plans to cease production, the wagons begin to circle. In the 1980s, it was the Atari, in the 90s, the Nintendo Entertainment System, Sega Genesis and countless other consoles. In time, these same video games and consoles that could have easily been found in the bargain bin, begin to reemerge. They’re no longer outdated games, but rare, exclusive, unique, classic arcade machines that will never be sold new at retail stores again.

However, classic video game consoles have inspired a totally need breed of game; the type of gamer who isn’t afraid to dig deep and try something new. Enter the domain of homebrew gaming. Homemade games and non-licensed game ports are a gift and a curse to the commercial video game industry. On one hand, it takes tons of time and dedication to program an emulator for home use that will be compatible with a number of contemporary systems. Then on the other, homebrew gaming is the reason that companies like Sony have been so crazy about copyright infringement.

Piko Interactive and Good Deal Games have come on the scene to prove that outdated consoles can still be exciting. Selling new video games on consoles that are sometimes more than 20 years old, both of these companies take a great deal of pride in the titles they produce. Most times, these titles are a strange fusion of familiar games like Mario Bros. and Donkey Kong. In other cases, the companies simply take vintage video games and port them to non-compatible systems.

While it is true that you can pick up copies of the vast majority of classic video games that will work with a console that continues to be sold, Good Deal Games and Piko Interactive feel that nothing is as good as the original. The feel of classic arcade machines is just different. The controllers handle differently, and the consoles themselves can take quite a bit of a beating and keep on working. You can’t void the warranty on a Commodore 64 because, well, they aren’t honored anymore. But you can take an old system and make it feel brand spanking new again.