New Video Game Company Takes the Stage: Annapurna Interactive

Will a custom arcade machine someday be created based on one of Annapurna Interactive’s games? Annapurna Interactive is a new spinoff of Annapurna Pictures, a film production company founded by Megan Ellison in 2011. If you’ve heard of Larry Ellison, founder of Oracle and the fifth richest person in the world, it’s time you become familiar with Megan Ellison, his daughter. She’s made waves in the world of film in the short five years since her company was born, and she’s on track to do the same in the world of gaming.

Annapurna Pictures

Annapurna Pictures has co-produced hits like Zero Dark Thirty, Her, American Hustle and Lawless. Ellison will receive the Producer’s Guild of America’s 2017 Visionary Award for her body of work. The award is given to television, film or new media producers who offer “unique or uplifting contributions to our culture through inspiring storytelling or performance.” It’s clear Ellison has made an impression after only half a decade in the industry.

Annapurna Interactive

Ellison’s new venture is set up for success. Annapurna Interactive has already hired a full team if gaming industry veterans with impressive resumes. The purpose of Annapurna Interactive will be to produce “personal, emotional and original games.”

Currently, Annapurna Interactive has two games in the works, set for release in spring 2017. The first is called Gorogoa, a puzzle game developed by Jason Roberts based around a boy who wishes to encounter a divine monster. The second is called What Remains of Edith Finch, developed by Giant Sparrow, an independent game company. What Remains of Edith Finch will be a story-based game about a cursed family.

Some of Annapurna Interactive’s hires include Nathan Gary and Deborah Mars from Sony PlayStation, Hector Sanchez from Warner Bros. and Jeff Legaspi from Santa Monica Studio. Annapurna Interactive already has additional projects in the works, including games in development from Keita Takahashi and Ken Wong.

Ellison wants Annapurna Interactive to become the home for game developer artists to explore possibilities within the medium. She cites The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time as one of her all-time favorite games. Will Annapurna Interactive create the next legendary classic?