New Splatterhouse World Record High Score Set

Many contemporary gamers might not consider Splatterhouse to be one of the most popular classic arcade machines ported to home gaming consoles, but Caitlin Oliver might disagree. Oliver’s most recent gaming accomplishment was made when she scored 493,700 points on Splatterhouse while playing at a local arcade tournament. Like other arcade game high score holders, Oliver credits her win to a lot of hard work and dedication.

There are many things that make this world record unique. First and foremost, Caitlin Oliver is the first woman to be recognized as a record high score holder for any arcade game since the mid 1980s. For whatever reason, there are only a handful of female gamers that are listed as achieving a high score for any game. Stereotypically, hardcore gaming is thought to be only a man’s sport, but Oliver has proven the opposite to be true.

While there are plenty of women playing, creating and developing video games, the general public continues to associate the gaming industry with men. Scoring the most points on Splatterhouse might seem like a small feat to some, but it actually garnered Oliver a lot more attention than she first anticipated. Younger women now have a real life role model that they can look up to, and a newly set high score that they can reach for.

Oliver’s professional background in technology may have also given her an edge, but its worth noting that Splatterhouse was originally released in 1988. At the Galloping Ghost Arcade, located in Chicago, Illinois, Oliver joined a group of avid gamers as she competed for the top spot. Since she was already familiar with the Splatterhouse arcade game as well as all of its ports, she was in prime competition mode going into the contest.

After Oliver’s unexpected high score achievement, she turned to the web and announced that she would be attempting to break her own record. Although she was not successful, she has a huge following that will likely be encouraging her to make future attempts. Original arcade machines aren’t usually too hard to find, but Splatterhouse is a somewhat rare title. Maybe Oliver will score her next achievement on home on her very own Splatterhouse arcade machine.