New Sonic The Hedgehog Character gets Lukewarm Reception

Remember Sonic? Well, he may have Tails for a sidekick, but there is also a host of characters that helped to make the world of Sonic what it is today. Recently, the Sonic The Hedgehog cartoon series wrote a new character by the name of Sticks into the storyline. It’ll be awhile before Sticks makes her way into the Sonic the Hedgehog video gaming franchise, but Sega is carefully documenting the initial feedback received. Sonic the Hedgehog didn’t premiere on a classic arcade cocktail table, but it is still a hard hitting arcade title. Sticks is already slated to co-star in an upcoming Sonic Boom video game, which is when we will find out if this character is truly build for speed.

While some critics have picked away at the newest Sonic character’s look, there’s something very endearing about this badger with an attitude. First and foremost, Sticks is an ally of Sonic’s, so she will be working with the good guys. With a carefree and somewhat wild nature, Sticks is sure to keep Sonic hard at work. Secondly, Sticks appears on an animated series that’s targeted to kids. Her abilities, style and design within a game setting will probably be the best clues as to whether Sticks adds value to the overall cast.

Although Sticks may be the most domestic animal out of the entire Sonic crew, she is apparently the one that is most in tune with the animal kingdom. While Sonic wears his sneakers laced up tight, Sticks is happiest running in her woven moccasins, with her boomerang in hand. Quite frankly, Sticks doesn’t look like she fits in with the rest of the Sonic crew. And while some people don’t seem to like that very much, her uniqueness could also be seen as refreshing.

She has yet to have her classic arcade cocktail table marque go up in lights yet, Sticks is getting the job done. Gamers are talking about Sticks incessantly, and there isn’t even a demo available yet. Sticks the badger sticks out like a sore thumb, but in Sonic Land, that could be an asset.