New Galaga Arcade Games from Namco Bandai May be Coming Soon

After years of silence, the Galaga name was suddenly revived when Namco Bandai legally claimed three trademarked names that included the word Galaga in them. The three trademarked names, Galaga Wars, Galaga Defense, and Galaga Bandits sound like they could be linked to three separate projects. The Galaga series hasn’t seen a proper update since 2011, and even then, no sequels or significant remakes have been released since the 80s. It has been many days since arcade goers would enjoy hours of gaming, going between Ms. Pacman cocktail table games and titles like Galaga, but thankfully, swift change may be on the way.

There’s another important reason that Namco Bandai could be more than just toying around with the possibility of renewing the Galaga series. The trademarked names themselves are pretty mysterious. Bringing Galaga into the new millenium would require updates to both the game’s concept and style. This means that if there is ever to be a ‘new’ Galaga, it may not be a fixed shooting game. The original Galaga made gamers, publishers, and manufacturers happy because it was ahead of its time. Of course, Namco Bandai is definitely going to bring something new to the table. The main concern is if a newly imagined Galaga is going to keep lovers of the classic happy while also getting newer audiences to take a turn.

The three Galaga classic arcade game inspired names that Namco Bandai trademarked in Japan may not end up being released as separate titles. Namco Bandai could choose a single name, and then develop a remake around a similar concept. Then again, there’s still no solid proof that a Galaga sequel is in development at all. Although refurbished Ms. Pacman cocktail tables can still spur up a little action in waiting rooms and recreational centers now and then, Galaga players march to a slightly different beat. The characters in Galaga aren’t as cute and cuddly as those in Ms. Pacman, either. A new version of Galaga is an exciting idea, but just because Namco Bandai secured a few trademarks doesn’t mean that a sequel is definitely coming. There will be several video game themed conferences taking place in the summer for the news to unfold, if Namco Bandai has a sequel in store.