New Florida Bill Banning Adult Arcades has Unforeseen Consequences

When Governor Scott of Florida enacted a new bill that essentially outlawed all forms of adult gaming in the state, he probably had no idea of the negative repercussions that were to come. Despite massive protests from both business owners and patrons, local lawmakers decided that playing a round on a cocktail arcade machine was equivalent with all other forms of highly addictive gambling.

Internet cafes, adult arcades and even venues such as Chuck E. Cheese have either been shut down or are in imminent danger. What’s more is that patrons of these wildly popular venues are stuck with prizes and winning tickets that cannot be cashed out. While gaming restrictions in Florida have long forbade arcade operators for giving customers cash prizes, they could give them prizes at equivalent values.

Now that many arcade owners have absolutely no source of income, they have become increasingly hard to find. This means that multiple civil lawsuits could be filed in the future. The ban that blocks adult arcade owners from operating normally is expected to be challenged soon. Unfortunately, many owners are not in a position to easily hire legal representation let alone pay their own bills.

In essence, adult arcade gaming is quite similar to going to the slots or making a trip to a local casino. Whether you’re paying to gain access to a game room or buying each game individually, you are trading cash for entertainment as well as the chance to win a prize. Well adjusted adults can take part in this form of entertainment on occasion, or even regularly, and go on living normally. On the other hand, there will always be those that can take anything and turn it into a vice.

For the patrons of adult arcades that have closed up and vanished, there is little recourse. Hiring a private investigator, skip tracer and attorney is almost totally out of the question. No binding contracts were signed, and this form of adult cocktail arcade gaming has totally been outlawed in the state of Florida anyways. For some, this is a hard learned lesson that has many more losers than winners.