New Arcade Machine Creates Custom Storybooks

While classic arcade machines introduced many firsts, some were less noticeable than others. Arcade games manufacturer by the millions can still be found in arcade parlors and basements today, while others are revered as rare collector’s items. Gaming fans have modified, tweaked and taken apart arcade cabinets since they first became available. This helped to lead up to the modern DIY movement as we know it.

From small changes to complete overhauls, anyone with a knack for technology has been able to create an entire new game made from existing circuit boards and wires. Jerry Belich, an innovator in his own right, chose to take a different approach. Instead of focusing on visual elements and sound effects, he created an arcade game that centers around storylines. Every time that a person plays his creation, dubbed the Choosatron, a new reality is made.

By making a series of personalized choices, the end result is always different. Choosatron works by introducing players to a fantasy world. Each time they choose an option, a new area of the story opens. As they play along, the game prints out their customized story.

This game might not be appealing to fans of World of Warcraft or Resident Evil, but its simplistic approach is just as much nostalgic as it is endearing. Instead of leaving the arcade with a lighter wallet you could, in theory, walk away with a story that will remain in your life forever. Currently, there are only two of these arcade game machines available, but the creator hopes to add a third in the near future.

Some may find the premise behind Choosatron to be a bit mundane, but it is perfectly suitable who enjoy reading and other peaceful escapes. Those that enjoy the classic cocktail arcade table in all its glory will be thrilled with this title’s aesthetic. The large orange cabinet is something strange out of an 80s arcade, complete with simplistic art and stenciled lettering. If Choosatron ever becomes mass produced, arcade operators will have to spend a little more on maintenance as the game requires a constant supply of paper. On the other hand, it does conveniently feature a coin-op for easy monetization.