New All-in-One Solution for Arcade Fans

Since the ‘Golden Age’ of arcade gaming, fans have been accustomed to paying for a turn at the popular arcade cocktail table of the moment. More well off consumers are, of course, able to afford genuine arcade machines to play at home. Then, there were the ever popular ‘copycat’ titles that were slightly more affordable, but far less fun.

A company by the name of All You Can Arcade is hoping to take home entertainment to a new and innovative level. Just as gamers can now rent and trade in home gaming consoles, All You Can Arcade hopes that patrons will take a liking to their arcade machine rental platform. Although the service is not yet available in all cities, some gamers will soon have the opportunity to play classic arcade games in their home, for just a fraction of the going rate.

Up to three arcade gaming machines can be rented at any given time. For less than $100 a month, you can play these cocktail tables as much as you want to. On the other hand, consumers must keep in mind that their electricity bills will likely go up. Currently, little information on fees incurred if the rented arcade machines are lost or stolen is available. Owners of arcade parlors in the California area can offer up their wares, provided that they also want to be responsible for dropping off and picking up games. For businesses that have seen little in the way of actual customers, this platform can help them to line their pockets as well as help with branding purposes. Moreover, All You Can Arcade gives arcade game owners a sizable share of profits earned.

Contemporary video games on more advanced home gaming systems may sell by the million each year, but the classic arcade cocktail table still has a following. In addition to being somewhat difficult to find, most cocktail machines are expensive to ship. Additionally, most people simply can’t afford to purchase more than one machine at a time. While this company will never replace the brick and mortar distributors of classic arcade machines, this new rental platform does provide hardcore gamers with new options.