National Video Game Arcade Museum is Coming to Nottingham

Whether the general populace wants to admit it or not, video games have become a firm part of modern culture. So much time has gone by, that countries all over the world are dedicating funds, research and property to the promotion of remembering what these video games represent and how they have progressed to this point. From upright arcade machines to cocktail arcade games to the Playstation or Xbox machine sitting in your living room, video games have come a long way. Now Nottingham is gearing up for their first video game museum, called the National Video Game Arcade, set to open in March 2015.

A New Kind of British Museum

If you have an image of British museums in your head, prepare to reinvent your preconceptions. Museum backers are attempting to deliver a museum that will be just like the British Film Institute, but for video games. Not only will patrons be able to view games throughout the years, they will also get an in-depth look at the creation of many popular games they know and love.

The developer behind the museum, GameCity, have said they want the National Video Game Arcade to be more of a cultural center. They sure aren’t scrimping on the video games either. It is reported that they will be portraying over 12,000 pieces from the National Videogame Archive. The National Video Game Museum will contain so many games and other paraphernalia that it will stretch throughout five floors.

Additionally, the National Video Game Arcade will present rotating exhibits with set themes so that returning visitors always see something new. GameCity wants to turn around public perception of video game players. It’s not just for introverts or troubled minds – video games are an integral part of history and can also be a launching pad for a successful career in design and development, if young people are so inclined.