Namco Museum's 80s Collection Comes to Switch - With a Surprising Addition

Nothing can beat the authenticity of a real Pac Man arcade machine that you play standing up with a reassuring joystick in your hand and responsive buttons. The next best thing, however, is to play Pac-Man games and other 80s favorites on a modern gaming console.

This is why the latest release from Namco is so interesting - if you own a Nintendo Switch, that is. Back in April, it announced it was bringing a selection of some of the best 80s arcade games to the Switch.

The Namco Museum compilation for Switch includes:

• Pac-Man • Dig Dug • Galaga • Galaga '88 • Rolling Thunder • Rolling Thunder 2 • Sky Kid • Splatterhouse • Tank Force • The Tower of Druaga

If you're a fan of classic arcade games, you will know all or most of these titles. The latest news, however, is we now have a release date - July 28th - and there is a new title in the line-up: Pac-Man Vs.

Like Tank Force and Rolling Thunder 2, Pac-Man Vs. is not an 80s classic. In fact, it was first released in 2003 making it 23 years older than the original Pac-Man game. It was initially released on the Nintendo GameCube.

The Switch version offers a feature that makes it stand-out - four players can play together with one as Pac-Man and three others hunting him as ghosts. To make this work you will need two Switch consoles.

Recreating the Arcade Experience

Pac-Man Vs. definitely has a novelty factor and, let's face it, modern reworkings of the classics are not always bad. For 80s gaming purists, however, there are other features of the Namco Museum collection on Switch that will get your interest. For a start, you can turn your Switch vertically to more closely replicate the experience of playing the game on an arcade machine.

There is also a worldwide high score ranking system. Could get your name on the high score list of Pac-Man or Galaga in your local arcade as a teenager? Your next challenge is to compete with players from all over the world.

If you still prefer the real experience of playing classic arcade games rather than a replicated experience, buying an arcade machine with those games pre-loaded is the solution. We have lots of options available and, yes, we can include Pac-Man.