Namco Bandai Releases Super Sized Mach Storm Arcade Machine

Simulators with 3-D visual and cockpits have been becoming more popular in the arcade gaming world. This might be why Namco Bandai has recently released Mach Storm, one of their most ambitious new arcade machines created to date. Flight simulation games have always been appreciated by a small yet driven percentage of arcade goers. Games in which players fly airplanes often feature complex and layered controls, sometimes even going as far as replicating the actual controls found in various airplanes. In this game, players move fast, really, really fast. Namco Bandai integrated an air blower that sends gushes of oxygen toward players as their jets propel forward.

While sitting securely in the Mach Storm’s cockpit, players are treated to two throttle and control levers, which are operated via a pair of arm levers. With each new mission, gamers start off on the flight strip of a military carrier ship, moving toward the jet that they will be flying. As they ascend into the air, enemies almost immediately appear. Very quickly, players find themselves battling against enemies while flying over highways and next to office buildings. In Mach Storm, you fly at top speeds through an interactive, 3-dimensional environment as you track and shoot down enemy fighter planes.

The graphics in this arcade game are absolutely stellar. The gaming environment has been generated with precise detailing. With gusts of air hitting you in the face as you rev forward, and your ears rumbling each time an enemy fighter explodes, your senses will be titillated again and again. The 3-dimensional screen is slightly convex and large in size. As you look up, down, left and right, all you can see is the gaming environment.

Namco Bandai continues to release exciting arcade titles mainly for the Japanese market that pay special attention to the arcade cabinets themselves. Although Macho Storm would be impressive if it were played on a standalone upright arcade machine, it’s the cool fighter jet cockpit, air blower, arm levers and control rumbling features that makes it unforgettable. Macho Storm was released in Japan in December of 2013, and is now slowly appearing in U.S. based arcades.