NJ Arcade Stands Strong in Wake of Hurricane Sandy Disaster

Lucky Leo’s has been well known to New Jersey shore visitors over the past six decades, but Hurricane Sandy put the establishment’s arcade cocktail table collection in imminent danger. In fact, the arcade hall’s owners were shocked to discover that their business was virtually untouched by the destructive waves. Despite the fact that hundreds of other homes and businesses in Seaside Heights, New Jersey, were completely decimated, Lucky Leo’s was able to open as soon as regular traffic resumed.

Now, close to a year after Hurricane Sandy, many locals are still coping with the tragedy. While travelers are still coming to the Jersey Shore, it is places like Lucky Leo’s that is giving them a glimpse of what once was. As repairs are still being made to pizza shops and residences, this arcade is becoming the universal symbol for fun. All of the games are fully functional, but the lines haven’t been as long this year.

The fact of the matter is that the Jersey Shore is still rebuilding itself. Disaster relief funds and charity events have been helpful, but there still hasn’t been enough man power or money over the last year to prepare for the 2013 beach season. In addition, nearby travel destinations such as Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, saw relatively little damage from the storm. Even New Jersey residents who once flocked to the Shore are now looking for alternatives.

Hurricane Sandy may have been damaging to both Lucky Leo’s and Seaside Heights as a whole, but this arcade parlor has seen much worse. From economic downturns to natural disasters, those looking to have enjoy a turn at the arcade cocktail table will keep coming back home. Thousands of families have made Lucky Leo’s a staple in their lives. Children look forward toward just a few hours at their favorite video game machine each summer, while their parents eagerly recount the memories. As this summer comes to a close, the owners will have to prepare for yet another storm season. They may or may not be as lucky this time, but as the name of the establishment indicates, Lucky Leo’s definitely hedges its bets.