The NES Classic Is a Hit…Again

Not all arcade game machines for sale today are built just like the old classics. The same can be said of gaming consoles, a fact fans of the NES Classic know all too well.

Since Nintendo released the NES Classic again on November 11th, Nintendo fans have been scrambling to scoop up all available units. Connect it to your TV via an HDMI cable and you can rediscover the joy you felt when you first played it at your buddy’s house back in the mid-80s.

It’s no wonder that the device quickly sold out and the $60 price tag shot up past $250 on re-sale sites like eBay. While you wait for Nintendo to restock their supply, take a trip down memory lane and recall what made this console so special.

The Original Nintendo Entertainment System

The first NES was released in 1985 in America and quickly became the best-selling console of its time. It debuted titles that are now classics on their own, such as Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, Mega Man and more. The look of the NES is immediately recognizable and synonymous with video game culture.

Why Re-Launching Now?

For Nintendo to re-launch the NES now is an interesting move, since the newest Nintendo console, the Switch, is gearing up to take center stage in March 2017. It’s clear that the company wants to bring back the nostalgic feel of the 1980s by including 30 games from the NES library, getting older gamers excited about revisiting the classics once again.

Nintendo’s current president stated the reasoning for releasing NES Classic now was so gamers could introduce their children to the games they used to enjoy when they were young. “We decided to launch the Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition [...] to provide a chance for fans who didn’t already own the system to play our past games and share the experience with their children,” said Tatsumi Kimishima.

Maybe Nintendo has a great plan: raise up a new generation of Nintendo fans right before the more streamlined Switch is released. Either way, fans old and new will love the replica NES Classic, especially for its affordable price and timeless games that come along with it.