NASA Transcending Time and Space with Arcade Games

The training the NASA astronauts are required to undergo is definitely not for the faint hearted, but the National Aeronautics and Space Administration may be used virtual reality based training to prepare for a new journey; time travel. You won’t find any astronauts playing on outer space based classic arcade cocktail tables as a part of standard training, but the organization is using simulators and games to research time space. In fact, NASA has been experimenting, investing and testing out various implementations related to time travel for the past 30 years.

What do anti gravity rooms have to do with time travel? From the looks of it, NASA has been combining and manipulating gravity, speed and space to build the first portal leading to another dimension. They’ve already sent men to the moon, and they routinely launch satellites and head off new expeditions far off into space. The competition between world powers to be the first to break new ground is quiet, but steady. What NASA would end up doing with a time portal is yet unknown, but arcade based games seem to be the key.

This might be the reason that NASA was a presence at this past Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles. While employees of NASA came to the conference as spectators, it is entirely possible that they were also soaking up new knowledge. Some of the very commercially manufactured 3D video game headsets and consoles were based off of NASA technology; the same technology that has been used to train astronauts for decades on end.

Apparently, if you want to fit in at NASA, you might want to bring a new arcade cocktail table with you on your first day at work. As new training methods are developed and implemented, NASA is able to progress. In a way, NASA has already achieved its ultimate goal of time travel. Virtual reality simulators are probably as close as we are going to get to visiting another dimension in this lifetime, but this tool has allowed space travel to become both routine and normal. Rocket scientists agree; classic arcade gaming is definitely out of this world.