The New Apple TV: a Multi Game Arcade Machine?

At the unveiling event for the next wave of Apple products, improvements to the Apple TV were revealed. It seems as if the product could become the next version of the multi game arcade machine, if Apple and their partnered game developers have their way, though many industry experts don’t believe the Apple TV’s capabilities threaten PlayStation or Xbox in any way. Still, if the changes to the Apple TV are well-received by consumers, it could open up a changing market for console and TV developers alike.

The Apple TV’s Marketing Platform

To be clear, the Apple TV clearly is not trying to challenge gaming giant companies like Sony and Microsoft, but it is posing as an alternative to other media-streaming devices like Roku, Amazon Fire TV and Google’s Chromecast. The micro-console is sleek and includes a touch-pad remote, if you decide to control the TV the old-fashioned way. If you’d like, you can instead search for media using the voice activation feature which puts Siri’s capabilities to use. As far as price, the 32GB version will cost $149 and the 64GB model will cost $199. Both debut in October.

Apple TV’s Gaming Features

Now for the exciting part – you won’t just be watching movies on your Apple TV. The Apple TV’s remote has movement integration which will be put to use on Harmonix’s newest title designed for Apple TV, Beat Sports. Apple TV users can access the Apple TV iOS app store and download games like Crossy Road, Guitar Hero Live, Disney Infinity 3.0 and more. The product does not come close to offering the same level of software quality as actual gaming machines, as Apple’s own smartphones outpace the A8 processor with which the TV is equipped. However, the TV does allow all the members of the family to use their iOS devices as additional game controls able to link up to the TV, allowing for intense multi-player action that would be impossible to replicate on the iPad.

If you are interested in some multi-player iOS gaming action and also want to stream your movies and music through an Apple device, the TV may be a worthwhile purchase this holiday season.