More Midwest Bars Adding Arcades to Ambiance

The trend may have originated in Chicago, but other bars in the Midwest region have begun to follow suit. Usually, pubs, restaurants, bars and other eateries may offer pinball or arcade games as an added bonus. Patrons that grow tired of socializing can take a quick break from the blaring jukebox and awkward introductions can play a quick game on the Pacman arcade machine at B Side Liquor Lounge.

The bar, which was established in the Cleveland, Ohio, area nearly 100 years ago has always been a quite hideaway for local residents. In fact, management at B Side Liquor Lounge has been considering introducing arcade games for a few years. A number of regulars come in mainly for cheap brew and idle chit chat, so investing thousands of dollars in arcade machines was quite a bit of a gamble.

Although there aren’t more than a dozen bars in the United States that also feature a good selection of arcade games, historically, they have all done good for themselves. With the exception of a handful of states, there are no rules that prevent bars from offering fully functional video games to their patrons. However, it is not uncommon to walk into bars that have old, dusty games hidden in the back that haven’t been touched for years. The key component of running a successful bar that features video games is a combination of selecting the right titles as well as having enough games to go around.

The Pacman arcade machine is almost always a good choice for the bar owner that wants guaranteed sales, but there are also other factors to consider. Some customers will go crazy for more modern titles while still others are completely caught up in nostalgia. The bartenders will need to keep quarters on hand in order to make change in a timely fashion, or the owner will have to invest in a separate change machine. Lastly, there is always the concern that an inebriated patron can accidentally damaging an arcade gaming machine. Even with all these risks, the operators of B Side Liquor Lounge have found more positives than negatives after including new gaming titles.