Microsoft Expert Details How to Build an Arcade Machine Powered by PC

For those still pinching their pennies in the hope of one day being able to afford a refurbished Pacman arcade machine, here’s some good news. With a personal computer running the Windows 8 operating system and a little bit of elbow grease, you can make your very own arcade machine. And best of all, when you’re all done building your new home arcade cabinet, you’ll never need quarters again.

Technology expert Jesse Freeman’s do-it-yourself project isn’t for the faint of heart. Anyone that attempts to build their own home arcade machine will need to have a technical background and absolutely no fear of taking apart electronics. Additionally, you’ll need to spend around $300 on various parts and components. However, those that already have a collection of discarded or outdated computer parts might be able to eek by on an even smaller budget.

In total, this home arcade game project should only take a few hours for even inexperienced do-it-yourself novices to complete. At the center of it all is the Windows 8 tablet. This fairly new operating system has gotten mixed reviews, but for developers, it’s been a huge timesaver. Not everyone is able to tweak programs and build gaming platforms from scratch. For gaming fans that don’t come from an IT background, Windows 8 and other operating system updates have allowed them to try their hand at manipulating technology.

You’ll have to be pretty dedicated in order to successfully pull of this project, but it appears that the results are well worth the effort. By running on Windows 8, a wide selection of both classic and new titles can be accessed. This means that you can use one homemade machine to enjoy an endless number of games, unlike traditional consoles and machines.

You can still play an online Pacman arcade machine if you’re not the handy type, or alternatively you can just keep pinching your pennies. While this project probably isn’t suitable for novices straight out of the gate, it is one of the easiest home arcade cabinet building methods around. Whatever you choose, keep plugging away and help to keep the classic arcade gaming movement going.