Microsoft About to Make PC Gaming Better

As a classic game lover, you may agree that the only rival to a multi game arcade is the lure of the PC. While consoles are frequently talked about, the PC rakes in much higher sales numbers for the gaming industry. With Microsoft enhancing the user experience with its new Windows 10 Game Mode update, PC gaming will only become more of a draw.

PC Gaming Popularity

Why is Microsoft spending so much time bettering its PC gaming user experience? It’s simple once you take a look at the sales data. In 2016, console gaming generated $6.6 billion in revenue, which is highly impressive. But PC gaming? That category generated almost $36 billion in revenue, blowing console revenue out of the water. It’s clear that gamers have spoken: the gaming experience on a PC already beats consoles. Microsoft’s questions is “how can we make it even better?”

The Leak

A Windows 10 beta build was recently leaked online and among the many updates the new system will include, gamers will rejoice at the “game mode” feature. Essentially, when the feature is activated, all background resources that usually are allocated to system function are reallocated to game play. This will make the game run smoother and faster, giving the user an edge.

Microsoft Targets Serious Gamers

For casual gaming fans, a console definitely delivers enough speed in processing power to make the gaming experience fun and memorable. But for the serious gamers, it’s not enough. In the new Windows Game Mode, Microsoft will position itself as the go-to operating system for the intense gamer, the one who needs as much power as possible to reach the next level of game play.

Will It Pay Off?

Of course, since this information is only based off a leak, it’s hard to tell whether the game mode feature will be the success Microsoft is looking for as it targets this gamer demographic. Gaming experts predict it will deliver, but if you’re a PC gamer, you’ll have to wait until the official release of Windows 10 to experience the effect and see for yourself if it makes a difference.