Miami Art Basel Exhibits Arcade Machines in Contemporary Art Installation

Visual artists have long used various components of popular culture, trends and international politics to explore how society bends and molds with the changing tides. At FAILE Bast Deluxx Fluxx Arcade 2013 Miami Beach, interaction between art and viewer was the main focal point. Set in the 1980s, the artists and curators behind the project painted a vivid portrait by filling the space with popular classic arcade machines, neon colors and greatly exaggerated characters to a soundtrack of fast paced, synthesized dance music.

As one of the most highly anticipated art soirees held each year, Miami Basel acts as a old stomping ground for contemporary artists, philanthropists, art critics, museum curators and other patrons of the arts. The gallery was transformed from a static room with white washed wall to a three dimensional, fully interactive space that encourages viewers to lose themselves in the moment. Although arcade games were the star of the show, varying amounts of irony, sarcasm, and inappropriateness was lovingly applied to machine cabinet.

Classic arcade games were deconstructed, painted over and reassembled to create new experiences based in alternate realities. The exhibit offered both the bizarre and the mundane, including one game that allowed users to play the role of tycoon. This labor of love took untold man hours, as each title was created from scratch. All programming, graphics and accompanying sound effects were handled by FAILE, a team of street artists best known for their gritty urban works.

Classic and new arcade games always offer new innovations, but at At FAILE Bast Deluxx Fluxx Arcade 2013 Miami Beach, many people that would rather be dead than caught playing games found themselves questioning their principles. Video games aren’t for the young, the brainy or the middle-class. When set in a cooperative environment, arcade games are all about sharing fun. The exhibit’s creators experienced building odd games, pieces together from random pieces of 1980s history. Visitors had the opportunity to see how they worked from the user end, and the games were once again restored to their former glory, even if only for a few fun days in Miami.