Meet the Portable Arcade Machine Small Enough to Fit into a Briefcase

The first home gaming consoles, such as the ZX Spectrum, were produced to give gamers the ability to play as much as they like outside of the arcade. Portable handheld consoles revitalized the market after the Crash of ’83, giving game manufacturers and developers a huge boost in profits. More recently, tablets and cell phones have been used to port new and classic games, whenever and however players desire. From downloadable game content and video game pre-release orders to interactive mobile games, it seems that the modern world of gaming has nowhere to go but forward. Although not in the majority, there still video gamers that strongly prefer the appeal of the collector’s addition Ms Pacman cocktail table. As a result, the Briefcade emerged.

Small enough to fit inside of a standard sized suitcase when fully closed, the Briefcade houses a very small but portable entertainment center. It comes with the standard buttons normally found on classic arcade machines, and it even bolsters the ability to support two player game play. The Briefcade’s creator, Travis Reynolds, is quite satisfied with his invention, but he currently has no plans to license it for mass production. Reynolds documented the construction of the Briefcade online, and includes a series of pictures of the portable arcade machine at various points in the process.

The fact of the matter is that most modern portable arcade gaming consoles simply fall short of the mark. Touch screen monitors are nice, but they don’t work well when you’re practicing to sharpen your original Ms Pacman cocktail table skills. Casual gamers are loyal to certain systems, developers and franchises. They will buy the next generation Xbox or equivalent Microsoft gaming console if and until they cease to exist. On the other hand, classic arcade game players are just as driven and decidedly more patient. They will wait until they can find the precise arcade machine that they have been looking for before even placing a bid. They slowly grow their arcade game collections, becoming more ambitious and wise with time. For the avid classic arcade gamer, the Briefcade is the perfect portable gaming device.