Massive Collection of Arcade Games Stored in California Indefinitely

Some of the largest collections of antique arcade games have been discovered in abandoned storage unit, but this story has a somewhat unlikely ending. Years ago, a California based arcade parlor went belly up, leaving countless mint condition classic arcade machines behind, where they’ve remained in a state of limbo ever since. Soon after, the arcade parlor and all of it’s contents were acquired by a city agency run by Glendale, California, which was subsequently dissolved a short time later.

Today, an untold number of classic video games sit in storage units, while the city of Glendale continues to foot the bill. Although the state of California is no longer in debt, individual cities like Glendale could certainly use a quick cash infusion. Until a judge gives the city approval to sell, or even give away the games, they will remain untouched.

While city officials in Glendale are confident that they can profit off of the sale of this cache of arcade games, the fact of the matter is that most people simply aren’t in the market to buy. Arcade machines are way bigger than traditional home gaming console, it takes tons of electricity to power them and they are expensive to move. A few true fans of classic gaming might be willing a few off of the city’s hand, but the remainder will likely be sold, auctioned or donated over time.

By publicizing this story, some are hopeful that a commercial buyer will come forward and offer to help. A few start-up companies in California specializing in arcade machine rentals might be interested in acquiring a few more titles for their roster, but there are anywhere between 40 and 60 units sitting in a Glendale storage unit. That’s more than enough games to fit into the back of an 18 wheeler.

When it comes to collections of classic arcade machines, only the most popular titles pique the interests of serious buyers. From the way that the city of Glendale describes it, they could have a real treasure trove of games on their hands and not even know it. Just because an arcade game title isn’t recognizable to the masses doesn’t mean that it has a low value.