Marrying the Old with the New: Playing Classic Games on One of the World's Newest Consoles

The video game industry has never been in better health, with titles like Fortnite and Minecraft as synonymous with mainstream culture now as Pac-Man and Space Invaders were back in the 1980s. An important and growing part of this technologically advancing and growing industry, however, is the widespread interest in revamped classic consoles and classic arcade games for sale.

Almost every week we hear about a new option that is set to be released. One thing that is becoming clear in the process is that the Nintendo Switch, one of the world's most modern consoles, is at the forefront of this renaissance in retro gaming.

Recent Classic Game Title Releases for the Switch

Recent announcements of classic games releases for the Switch include:

• Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

• Namco Museum Arcade Pac which includes Pac-Man, Championship Edition 2 Plus, Galaga, and more

• Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection which includes the original Street Fighter and 11 of its sequels

• And more

Latest Announcements

To further validate the importance of the Switch to the retro gaming market we can now add two further announcements to this list.

Firstly, the Sega Genesis Classics collection of games will also soon be available for owners of Switch consoles. This collection features titles like Altered Beast, Columns, Crack Down, Flicky, Golden Axe, and the 1991 classic Sonic the Hedgehog.

Secondly, and more interestingly, Nintendo is releasing two new Switch controllers which are styled the same as the original NES controller. The main difference is they are wireless rather than wired.

Nintendo has released them to improve the experience of playing classic NES titles on the Switch. These titles are part of the company's online subscription service.

The new NES-style controllers are taking the concept of porting classic video games onto modern consoles a stage further. Instead of letting you just play the game again, the NES-style controllers for the Switch recreate the original experience of playing the classic console.

Whether this goes further to include other types of controller we all used on games at home and in the arcade, we will have to wait and see. It is an interesting development, nonetheless.

All that said, nothing beats the authentic experience of standing in front of a full-size arcade machine playing your favorite classic games. Check out our collection today.