Mark Your Calendars - California Extreme Arcade Event Scheduled for July

California Extreme is one of the smaller scale classic arcade theme events that takes place every year, but that doesn’t mean that exciting developments aren’t on their way. The legend himself, Eugene Jarvis, has been slotted to come through and say a few words, and organizers of the event have stated that all games will once again be set to free play mode the entire time. There won’t be a single classic cocktail arcade table left unoccupied for long because as fans already know, an entertaining afternoon can cost a lot of quarters.

Like other classic arcade gaming conferences, many California Extreme attendees know that the events counts on fans brining their own games. While packing up your home gaming console and bringing it on a flight is simple and convenient, transporting classic arcade machines, many times across state lines, can create a logistical nightmare. However, there are some pretty big incentives available for those that make the trek with a few of their arcade classics in tow. Fans that come with three fully functional, classic games with them get to hang out at California Extreme for free. Although local attendees clearly get the advantage, free admission might be worth it for others as well.

The games that will be available for play at California Extreme are numerous and rare. There will probably even more classic titles on display during California Extreme in July, but the selections that have been verified would make the biggest arcade ‘geek’ squeal in delight. There are a few tournaments featuring classic games planned, just as there are dozens of business owners looking forward to selling arcade gaming themed supplies and novelties.

The event itself is organized in an easy going way, which allows visitors to leisurely move around to different arcade and pinball gaming machines, waiting for their turn to play, without anyone feeling pressured. Since event attendees will all be in good company, those bringing their own vintage cocktail arcade tables rarely worry about their classics being mishandled in any way. With so many games plugged in and waiting to be played, California Extreme is definitely one of the best arcade gaming themed events planned for the month of July.