Marathon Player Sets New Missile Command Record

When Missile Command first came out in arcades, players near and far lined up for a turn. More than three decades ago, Florida native Judy Bowles set a record for Missile Command, by scoring over 41 million points over the course of 1 ½ days. The next year, her record was crushed by Victor Ali, who scored more than 80 million points. Since then many fans have tried to earn similar scores but their efforts were in vain. While marathons and classic arcade machines go hand in hand, rarely is there such a large stretch in time between world records.

It took Victor Sandberg more than two days to achieve a goal, but he managed to finish up with a score of 81,796,035 points. Unlike previous Missile Command record breaking marathon events, Sandberg agreed to be videotaped and have his feat shown live over the web. Although Sandberg didn’t get to sleep during his marathon run, he was able to give his fingers a few quick breaks by accumulating extra men and allowing the game to continue running.

In order to have an arcade game record officially recognized, certain entities need to be informed in advance. More importantly, players need to practice, come up with a strategy and prepare for long road ahead. Playing your favorite classic arcade machines in the comfort of your home affords you certain luxuries, while competing in a public setting is more structured and less forgiving.

Victor Sandberg is still waiting to hear from Twin Galaxies and have his new world record officially recorded in the books, but so far it looks like he is the current Missile Command champion. Now that a permanent record of his game play is available online, there will surely be other gamers that will attempt to annihilate Sandberg’s record.

As Missile Command is one of the most prolific games of the 1980s golden era of arcade games, it is fairly easy to get access to an arcade machine. The game was also ported to home gaming systems, so anyone that feels that they can achieve a record breaking score also has the option of practicing at home.