Many Classic Arcade Game Characters to be Featured in Upcoming Nintendo Title

It isn’t surprising to learn that Nintendo is to due release yet another Super Smash Bros., sequel. Maybe that’s because Nintendo has built its brand on the backs of its most popular characters, such as Donkey Kong and Luigi. While Mario, Sonic, and Yoshi are almost always expected to be seen in new Nintendo video and commercial arcade machines, characters like Pacman always seem to be relegated to their own classic arcade worlds. In the newest installation of Super Smash Bros., Pacman will be equipped with a pretty big punch. Since characters in Super Smash Bros., go head to head in a super fast paced boxing match, Pacman has been redesigned to feature legs as well as arms.

The rest of Pacman’s look is something straight out of the 70s, but surprisingly, the artists managed to compose a pretty good balance. A lot of Nintendo’s bestselling arcade games center around maze themed game play. Sending Sonic shooting through loops at top speeds such is fun, but the objective of solving each level’s maze is still crucial. Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U isn’t based on mazes, but there are plenty of extras. Not only do the most unlikely of Nintendo characters literally duke it out, but the boosts, bonuses, and power-ups make the game something similar to a free for all.

Ever wanted to throw a barrel back at Donkey Kong? In the world of Super Smash Bros., even Toadstool can match the strength of a full grown gorilla. Characters from Mega Man, Pokemon, Star Fox, The Legend of Zelda, and many other games come together and fight it out, all for the fun of it, in this long running Nintendo video game franchise. Players are able to sift through an impressive number of game modes, enabling them to approach the game precisely the way that they want to. Choose story mode if you’re more concerned about beating the game, or play in several difference types of competitive modes for maximum entertainment with friends. The Wii has proven itself to be one of the most popular home arcade machines in today’s market, even though Nintendo has released fewer titles than its competitors. However, it is clear from games like Super Smash Bros., that Nintendo knows how to make completely addicting games.