Major 1980s (and older) Game Anniversaries Taking Place in 2018

We’re into 2018 now so it’s time to have a look at the big anniversaries of classic games that will be taking place over the next year, particularly those from the 80s (or older). With the increasing demand for upright and cocktail table arcade games for sale, you might still be able to play some of these titles the way you remember them from the arcades of your youth.


Super Contra, the run and gun game, arrived in arcades in 1988 so it turns 30 this year.


The third installment of the popular role-playing Dragon Quest game franchise, Dragon Quest III, also turns 30 in 2018.


June is a big month for game anniversaries with Space Invaders turning 40 and Mario Bros turning 35. Neither of these games needs any introduction but you can be sure there will be a lot of reminiscing for both over the coming months.

Other game anniversaries to look out for in June include:

• 35th anniversary of Dragon's Lair

• 30th anniversary of Metal Gear

• 30th anniversary of John Madden Football


July features the oldest anniversary of 2018 as Space Race turns 45. It was released in 1973 as Atari’s second game (the first was Pong). The game is for two players and involves racing a spaceship while avoiding asteroids.

Two other anniversaries take place in July:

• 35th anniversary of Bomberman

• 30th anniversary of Bionic Commando


In August 1988, Altered Beast was released by Sega. The mythical beat ‘em up game first appeared in arcades before being released for home consoles.


In October, the 45th anniversary of Namco’s first ever game will take place. It was called Gee Bee and set the company on a course to develop what would become the most popular arcade game ever: Pac-Man.

Other anniversaries that will take place in October include:

• 30th anniversary of Ninja Garden

• 30th anniversary of the USA release of Super Mario Bros. 2

• 30th anniversary of the Japanese release of Super Mario Bros. 3 (it was not available in the US until 1990)


In November, the slasher beat ‘em up arcade game, Splatterhouse, turns 30.


December will see the 30th anniversaries of three successful game franchise sequels:

• Zelda II: The Adventure of Link (USA version)

• Final Fantasy II

• Mega Man 2

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