Long Awaited PS4 Unveiled

With fans having waited more than six years since the last release of a new PlayStation, the presentation outlining notable PlayStation 4 specs by Gaikai CEO David Perry had gamers on the edge of their seats. Only slightly less expensive than the average Pacman arcade machine for sale, contemporary home gaming consoles are becoming more and more advanced to account for their staggering price points. In the case of the PlayStation 4, consumers can expect an interactive experience that connects them to their friends on a totally new level.

First and foremost, all games compatible with the PlayStation 4 will be offered in downloadable format only. Not only does this mean that games found on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 2 will be incompatible, but that gamers will not be able to share games. In other words, only one copy of a single game can be played on a single PlayStation 4 console. This means that shared gaming will become a little more expensive for fans of the PS4.

The PlayStation 4 will come with a built in camera and microphone that supports voice, text and visual shared gaming features. Owners of the PS4 will be able to talk to anyone on their network, no matter what game they are currently playing. While this feature provides for a more interactive element, it could also prove to be somewhat distracting. The PS4 will also reportedly keep tabs on all other people in the room. This is an issue that was first raised with the Microsoft Kinect and its infrared technology.

Although Perry provided dozens of details on the new PS4, most spectators were disappointed that no images of the actual console were provided. Throughout its history, the PlayStation console hasn’t had many notable changes made. Similar to the Pacman arcade machine for sale, PlayStation consoles from the first generation to the third have looked almost exactly the same. Since the PS4 includes many innovative features and new technologies, fans are very concerned about how it will look. Since the PlayStation 4 won’t be available for purchase until sometime in December, potential consumers will have to wait just a little while longer to see the object of their dreams.