Legendary Arcade Fighting Tournament Headed Back to Vegas in July

The Evolution Championship Series has been the place where the best fighting game players have gotten together and duked it out, sometimes for cash but mostly for the honor. Started in 1996 to give Street Fighter II players their own space in the world of competitive arcade gaming playing, EVO emerged as one of the most respected events on the planet. Games like Street Fighter cocktail arcade tables and even home gaming systems make their way to the Evolution Champion Series, where competitive arcade gaming finds a new central, temporary home every year.

King of XIII, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, and of course, Street Fighter IV: Arcade will be several of many star attractions at EVO 2014. The Street Fighter series changed how players were ranked. While most arcade games could either be beat or simply award a high score winner, Street Fighter allows gamers to be declared the ultimate champions. Year after year, top ranked players fly out to Las Vegas, Nevada, where they have been coming since 2005. Although competitive players compete on the latest installations of Tekken, Street Fighter and Super Smash Bros., less experienced spectators find excitement in the BYOC area, also known as the ‘bring your own console’ section.

Running from Thursday, July 10th to Sunday, July 13th, gamers are put through grueling, challenging rounds of game play. Players registered to compete are expected to be ready to game from a little before sunset until well after sundown. Competitors battle for prize money just as aggressively as they compete in securing charity donations. Past winners generally go on to become judges, helping to create and tweak rules as well as select future competitive arcade fighting game categories.

The top eight tanked winners of EVO win a cash prize, which is another bonus that is somewhat unique to the competition. Many other arcade tournaments offer either no prizes, or an award for the number one ranked competitor alone. At the Evolution Championship Series, the pause button doesn’t exist. Featuring some of the best cocktail arcade games played by gamers capable of achieving inconceivably high final scores, EVO is back again just in time for summer.