Las Vegas Gamblers Take a Liking to Classic Arcade Games

Lots of entrepreneurs have turned to Las Vegas to transform an idea into a fortune. From hotels to tourist attractions, gambling might be the driving force in Vegas, but innovation comes in a close second. This concerns the development and introduction of original cocktail arcade table games. Years ago, slot machines were the only form of digital gaming that could be found on the floor.

In the 70s, video poker machines were unveiled, where they were found to appeal to even wider demographics. Since it was discovered that digital gaming was a draw in Las Vegas, new titles and game varieties have been pouring in. Most recently, the classic arcade cocktail table title, ‘Centipede,’ has been creating a local buzz.

This title is a hair more complex than the average slot machine. Instead of pulling a lever, players are presented with a multi-directional joystick, which allows them to control the movement of onscreen characters. Its concept is radically different than other video games. With ‘Centipede,’ players can control the stakes, and in theory, the length of time they play. Ordinarily, a hand of video poker and a round of slots takes less than a minute to complete. Arcade based casino games have no finite end.

With the ‘Baby Boomers’ in retirement, younger generations are flooding casinos, resorts and the ecommerce world. Businesses are taking note by introducing new concepts and adding more advanced concepts in entertainment to their products and services. There are already casino versions of ‘Beer Pong’ available on the market, which indicates that ‘Centipede’ was long overdue.

The latest inception of the classic arcade cocktail table won’t be available in all Las Vegas casinos, but they will certainly be found in those that understand a noticeable shift in advertising trends. No, ‘Centipede’ probably won’t make it’s way to the first senior themed cruise trip for a few more decades, but quite a few newly indoctrinated senior citizens will find the game appealing. Just when traditional casino games were thought to be stale, a new trend based on classic arcade gaming arrives in time to reinvigorate an entire industry.