Konami Entices Fans With Trading Card Dispensing Arcade Machines

So what does Magic the Gathering have to do with coin-op cocktail arcade tables? Before Konami got involved, absolutely nothing. Generally speaking, arcade games don’t provide prizes, but a couple of new machines being produced by Konami are spitting out fully customizable, collectible trading cards. Although the arcade games were made to cater to a younger crowd, we all know that video gaming is an ageless pastime.

First up is Monster Retsuden Oreca Battle, an RPG arcade game full of spells, battles, and imaginative cast members. Monster Retsuden Oreca Battle is actually the older of the two video games, and fans have received millions upon millions of custom game cards as a reward. Dragon Collection is the newer of the two Konami produced games, but gamers have been quick to catch on. In fact, Dragon Collection is one of the most well known mobile games in Japan. While fans can pull up their phones at almost any time, they aren’t yet capable of creating trading cards.

Kind of like a toy in a cereal box, Konami’s trading-card-printing arcade machines are a bit of a gimmick. The trading cards themselves are printed with whatever names gamers want on them, and they can be showed off to friends. Unfortunately, Konami didn’t design the trading cards to become a full fledged strategy game. Gamers can play games and print cards, but there’s not much more to it than that. This trend probably wouldn’t go over well outside of Japan unless Konami was able to transform their cute trading card promotion, and go a more all ages friendly route. On the other hand, turning Call of Cthulhu into an arcade game that manufacturers custom cards might be an even better idea.

Those that want to acquire a deck of one of a kind, super cute, custom, video game inspired trading cards will need to look for Monster Retsuden Oreca Battle or Dragon Collection; in Japan. For some, it may be worth the trip, but eventually, these two games will likely show up stateside. You can always get some classic cocktail arcade table game themed trading cards and scribble your name on top if waiting isn’t an option.