Travel Back in Time: Play Joust on Xbox One

Of all the upright arcade games you enjoyed growing up, you definitely remember Joust. It was developed in 1982, published by Williams Electronics…and it was probably the first two-player game you actually enjoyed.

Joust Was a Smash Hit

Game play was simple: all you had to do was control a knight on a flying yellow ostrich, directing him between rock platforms and a pool of lava. Your goal? Hit and defeat the oncoming enemy knights riding buzzards.

Using the joystick and the button, you controlled your ostrich’s elevation. The higher you were in your relation to the enemy, the more likely you were to win. A second player could join in and help you face the enemy. The second knight rode a blue ostrich. Are the details starting to come back to you?

Though it wasn’t the first two-player arcade game ever created, it was one of the pioneers of multi-player gaming and helped make the feature popular. A cocktail version of the game followed and today it’s considered a rare collectible.

The Xbox One’s Backwards Compatibility Feature

You can now rediscover your addition to Joust, only this time you won’t need a pocket full of quarters. Microsoft has introduced a backwards compatibility feature for Xbox One. All you need to do is purchase the classic arcade game through the Xbox store – it’s only $5 – and then you can easily download it to Microsoft’s latest console. Xbox One’s backwards compatibility makes it possible to play over 230 games from their catalog, Joust being only the latest addition.

It’s only a small file, so it won’t take up much space on you or your child’s console, and you can play with one or two players, online or off-line. It’s time to challenge your old buddies or your kids to a duel and see who can beat you at this classic arcade game from the early 1980s.

Of course, if the experience on Xbox One doesn’t measure up, remember you have options. Purchase a multi-game arcade machine from Arcade Classics and enjoy Joust in its original form, along with a host of other classic games.