Japanese Arcade Owners Weary of Smart Phones

The next time that you wait for a turn at a Pacman arcade machine in Japan, you had better have your smart phone tucked away in your pocket. The Japanese have always embraced technology, but they also endear tradition, values and impeccable manners. Taking your shoes off before entering a home is standard, and bowing is as common as the standard handshake. Simply put, the smart phone is seen as being in direct competition with more traditional table arcade games.

As more and more smart phones have the capability of instantly downloading games, it seems that arcade goers are passing by the time by playing on their handheld devices. To the Japanese, this type of activity is seem in extremely poor taste. So much so that at least one arcade owners has erected signs informing visitors that they can’t play games on their phones.

While it is easy enough to identify a person playing on a gaming console or an arcade machine, it is much more difficult to tell what someone is doing with their phone. Someone sending a text could easily be mistaken for a patron playing Candy Crush. No one is certain whether this is the start of what will become a bigger trend, or just a single outspoken arcade operator enforcing a somewhat bizarre set of rules. What is known is that anyone that is caught in the act of playing a mobile game will be summarily asked to leave.

It is easy to understand why some arcade operators become irritated at the sight of people playing with their tablets and smart phones rather than putting money into their gaming machines. The whole reason that arcade parlors were able to flourish in the fight place was because of widespread boredom. Unlike grocery stores and doctors’ offices, taking a trip to the local arcade is entirely optional. When a patron isn’t spending money, he or she is simply taking up valuable space. Whether you want to play a Pacman arcade machine or get a glimpse at the latest version of Street Fighter, one thing is certain; refrain from enjoying any and all mobile games, at least at one Japanese arcade in particular.