Is a Lack of Xbox One Demos Driving Consumers Back to Arcades?

There were no in-store game demos for the original Ms Pacman arcade machine, but home console systems are a totally different animal. After consumers learned that they could access an endless array of arcade titles at home, they stopped depending on viewing the repetitive demos that appeared on video games. These demos of sorts would only last a few seconds, but they did prepare gamers for what was in store. Watching a short animation of an arcade title would let you know what genre it was in, as well as give you a taste of the storyline and features available.

Video game retailers frequently use demos to entertain and education shoppers. Major home console manufacturers would offer these demos to showcase new titles and familiarize consumers with how their systems worked. With the introduction of Xbox One Live Arcade, gamers started to have the opportunity to play live demos at their convenience within the mode. Gamers could literally spend hours perusing collections of new Xbox Live Arcade titles without actually buying one.

Although Xbox Live Arcade game developers have found the platform to be very helpful for business overall, creating demos takes a lot of work. Customers have been noticing that fewer developers are putting out full demos on the Xbox Live Arcade platform as of late. The Xbox One is less than a month old, which means that there haven’t been a whole bunch of combatable games put out yet. This is the perfect time for indie game developers to their newest titles into the forefront, but from the consumer’s perspective, most game makers are taking the easy route.

Online videos are more frequently being used in place of demos, but what about the people that would really prefer test out new games live? Some arcade titles still offer playable demos, and for some, this is good enough. Whether you choose to purchase an game for your home console or a new Ms Pacman arcade machine, you’re going to spend money. Buying a new video game without trying it out is a foreign concept for many, so there has been a growing number of players that have decided to return to the arcade once more.