Hawaiian Police Seize Casino Games at Local Arcade

As of late, creative business owners have been working to blur the lines between casino and arcade games. Although there’s no official Ms Pacman arcade machine for the casino, changes in the marketplace could soon make this fantasy into a reality. Unfortunately for one arcade owner in Hawaii, local police were not pleased when they found gambling games at his establishment. In nearly every U.S. municipality, there are strict gambling bans in place that forbid businesses from marketing gambling for profit games to minors.

At Game Zone II Arcade, located in Honolulu, Hawaii, approximately seven gambling machines were mixed in amongst classic titles and newer arcade games. Officials have not yet learned how much money the arcade owner made from this illegal gambling device. The appearance of the ‘Products Direct Sweepstakes’ machines is strangely innocuous. The average person could pass by the gambling games and assume that they were just another arcade machine.

Before you take pity on the arcade owner, please note that this is not his first run-in with the law. Just two months ago, another arcade owned by the same man was raided. On that day, officials located similar gambling devices. As he was apparently allowed to continue running his businesses, it seems that his lesson was not learned.

Casinos have been including new titles based on arcade games, while arcade owners have been selling and leasing their machines in an effort to stay afloat. While finding an arcade game within the walls of a casino would be a great find, things just don’t work the other way around. Arcades can be frequented by visitors of all ages, but historically, they’re just for kids.

In areas where gambling machines can be assessed by gamers over the age of 18, legislatures are still trying to figure out exactly how regulations should work. Florida officials outright banned all forms of arcade gaming until they realized how restrictive their laws were. With the exception of the Ms Pacman arcade machine and similar titles, lots of businesses that offer Internet cafes, adult arcade games and even vending machines have found themselves under a lot of scrutiny. At least for the time being, Hawaiian arcade lovers are safe from cleverly disguised gambling devices.