Halifax Vintage Arcade Museum is Looking to Expand

The Halifax Vintage Arcade Museum was born out of sheer coincidence. Its founder, Daniel Baldwin met a local business owner online and a deal was soon struck. The museum houses both the standard arcade cocktail table as well as other classic models. Unlike other museums, the Vintage Arcade Museum is heavily involved with social media in an effort to promote weekly events.

General admission buys you unlimited access to various arcade titles, mostly dating pre-1990, all the way back to the ‘60s. Recently, Baldwin began seeking newer model arcade games in order to add more variety to the collection. The museum has been able to create a buzz due to its strategic location in a bakery as well as online promotions. Some of its visitors have visited on the fly while doing local shopping, and others have learned of it through FaceBook.

In an effort to buy more space for newly acquiring gaming machines, Baldwin is seeking donations via a kickstarter campaign. He is hopeful that he will meet his goal of $25,000 in donations needed to complete arcade game acquisitions and expansion. So far, he has met approximately 10% of his target. For a museum that has only been in existence for a short period of time, it has grown at an exponential rate.

Baldwin has been relying on the entrance fees collected from patrons to help absorb costs related to arcade machine maintenance. With multiple visitors playing on games that are as much as 50 years old, everyday wear and tear can quickly put them out of commission.
Halifax Vintage Arcade Museum also offers patrons access to snacks, which comes in handy after a particularly intense gaming session.

More than offering visitors access to rare arcade cocktail table games, its founder is interested in showcasing the sequential evolution of gaming. Located in Canada, Halifax Vintage Arcade Museum is the first of its kind in the area. In an era where most games are released solely for home gaming consoles, lovers of classic games can surely appreciate the founder’s passion. It is obvious that a great deal of time and dedication has gone into preserving and sharing a select number of classic arcade machines at this corner of the globe.