Gunslinger Stratos Available for Play in US for First Time

The remarkably popular shooting themed arcade game, Gunslinger Stratos, will be available for a short time in the US. Players are able to fire two guns simultaneously while moving around the screen. While this game is a world away from the Pacman arcade machine, both titles originally premiered in Japanese arcades.

The Game Developers Conference allows members of the gaming industry to meet their peers, demo foreign games and share ideas. Having games such as Gunslinger Stratos on display will allow notices and veterans alike to come up with new innovations and see what trends are popular abroad. The four day conference will also feature several educational seminars, prolific guest speakers and numerous video game exhibits.

Gunslinger Stratos first became available in Japan in the summer of 2012. So far, the game has been a moderate success. In general, arcades are more popular in Japan than the US, so their margin of success is a bit different than US based developers. Game developer Square Enix has not expressed any plans to export the game abroad as of yet. Square Enix is also responsible for games such as Final Fantasy XII, Kingdom Hearts and Tomb Raider.

While only a select few people will have the opportunity to play Gunslinger Stratos, dedicated gamers can order a Japanese based home console and order the game if they are truly sold. Like other popular arcade games, Gunslinger Stratos’ shooting themed platform enables players to play in third person perspective. This is a relatively new innovation in arcade games. During the era of the Pacman arcade machine, players controlled the characters’ movements from a second person perspective.

From classic arcade games to modern renditions, popular culture has been molded by the video game. Whenever developers are able to meet and come up with fresh ideas, new and exciting games are sure to follow. Square Enix will surely benefit from sharing one of its premiere games just as other less experienced companies will get something out of seeing a master at work. The third annual Game Developers Conference will be held in San Francisco, California during the last week in March.