Florida Arcade Owners Can’t Reward Customers

Arcades can offer everything from classic arcade machines to bingo and pinball. In many parts of Florida, arcade parlors for adults don’t include the Ms Pacman arcade machine, but they have slots and bingo machines that appeal to older audiences. Rather than playing for money, consumers earn and accumulate points. They pay to play at these arcade parlors for periods of time, and when they win, the arcade owners are able to reward them with gift cards and even free play.

Florida based legislators have been trying their best to limit the capabilities of internet café and arcade owners. Like any other activity, it is possible to become addicted to playing in an arcade parlor. Since it costs money to play, whether it is for individual games or blocks of times, some lawmakers feel that the owners of these establishments are bilking their patrons. As a result, tough laws in several Florida counties have been passed specifically to prevent Internet café owners from enticing customers with cash based prices and similar incentives.

Because adult arcade owners fall into the same category, they too have been prevented from rewarding arcade goers in similar ways. In addition, lawmakers are considering shutting down all establishments that offer electronic based amusements. Arcade fans have already spoken up and organized protests, but it seems that much of the damage is already done.

The average senior citizen might not enjoy playing on the Ms Pacman arcade machine, but that doesn’t mean that any type of arcade owner should be punished for providing a service. If the customers that frequent these establishments aren’t complaining, then the officials that passed these laws may need to reevaluate their stance. A few unethical Internet café owners and politicians pled guilty to gaming patrons in the past few years. Their individual actions do not represent the entire industry.

For now, adult arcade fans in Florida can still visit their favorite parlors, but with severe limitations. Players that normally earned gift cards and prizes will have to settle on playing just for fun. Hopefully, the next round of debates will force lawmakers to look at every side of the argument.