Florida Adult Arcade Gamers React to Newly Imposed Restrictions

Officials in the state of Florida have struggled for years to keep a lid on illegal gambling and gaming addictions. Adult arcades, which are sort of a fusion casinos and arcade parlors, have made owners lucrative and patrons content since they were first introduced. Adult arcades are sort of like what the Pacman arcade machine was to the world of gaming. Although Pacman made quite a few people rich, it also caused many headaches. From knockoff versions to copyright lawsuits, there were many hiccups on the road to success for its makers.

Because adult arcades came right after Internet cafes, many government officials didn’t see where anything could go wrong with the premise of paying patrons who win at games. After corruption became apparently, arcade operators were restricted to giving winners prizes instead of cash sums. That seemed to work for awhile until newly elected officials decided to do away with adult arcades altogether in some parts of Florida.

Now, if you want to enjoy a game at an adult arcade, you will have to get used to the idea of accepting gift cards and coupons to local eateries. Similar to Bingo Halls and slot machines, senior citizens in Florida are used to getting paid in real money. On the other side of the table, these parlors are closing down in large numbers because their customers have found other amusements.

While playing games at adult arcades is probably more exciting than purchasing a scratch-off lottery ticket, the stakes aren’t equal either. With fewer patrons visiting, arcade parlor owners can barely pay their overhead. Although these restrictions have been in place for several months now, operators are only now feeling the full extent of their implications.

Immediately after the newest adult arcade restrictions were imposed, a large number of patrons stopped visiting. Some came infrequently, and still others continued on as usual. With the summer in full swing, other seniors who visited Florida based on praise from friends and peers found that adult arcades were anything but the ‘elderly-friendly’ Pacman arcade machine. With few positive signs on the horizon, it seems that adult arcade gaming might be finished, at least in Florida.