Five Reasons Why You Should Get an Arcade this Christmas

Christmas is the time of year when people come together to celebrate the importance of family and friends. It’s full of holiday parties, Hallmark movies and more eggnog than you could ever stomach. It’s also the time for a ton of stress. From career stress to bad weather and hectic schedules, there’s a lot to worry about. And we haven’t even gotten into the presents yet. If you have searched everywhere for that perfect gift for your significant other, child who has it all, or want to treat yourself with something that you’ll surely enjoy, let us make the case that you should purchase an arcade cocktail table. Not convinced yet? No worries. Here are five reasons why you should:

Every 80s Game You Could Think of

There’s a reason why the late 70s and early 80s are considered the Golden Age of Arcade Video Games. From PacMan and Space Invaders to Donkey Kong and Centipede, you’ll have access to some of the most entertaining, addicting games in history. Our licensed game packages include NAMCO 20 Year Reunion, Team Play 2005 Release, and the NAMCO classic game collection. And if you don’t see a game listed on our website, we’ll be happy to send you our complete list.


There’s a reason why every other Twilight Zone episode involves going back in time or re-experiencing one’s childhood. It can be comforting to relive those memories in the corner arcade when life was simpler. When you are feeling overwhelmed by a deadline or a big project ahead, it could be beneficial to step away for a bit and play a quick game of Tetris.

Instant Dinner Party Conversation Piece

Do you want to have the most popular hangout on the block? An arcade cocktail table is an instant conversation starter, and you’ll surely have a few RSVPs the next time you have a dinner or holiday party. You’ll be surprised by how many people love the classics!

It’ll Fit Your Home’s Aesthetic

When you shop for most arcades, let’s face it: you’ll most likely stumble upon a bunch of eye sores. If you’re lucky, it might look okay in the basement or garage. Our cocktail arcade tables come with a furniture grade cabinet, and they are items you’ll be happy to showcase in your home.

Avoid all of the Shopping Hassle

When you shop at Arcade Classics, you get free shipping and the ability to experience shopping experience from your very own home. No more lines, hunting for a parking spot, or interesting Christmas music.

For more information on our selection of cocktail arcade tables, contact us today.