First Arcade Themed Bar to Debut in London

What are known as ‘beer arcades’ may have taken North America by storm, but now, it’s time for the British invasion. Cleverly named ‘Four Quarters,’ London’s first barcade will probably have patrons spending quite a bit more. No, you won’t find an arcade machine for sale at Four Quarters, but you will be able to sip a few pints as Galaga appears in the backdrop. So, why is it such a big deal that an arcade themed bar is making it’s way to London? Because London is known for it’s bustling bar scene, Four Quarters is likely to have a huge following as soon as its doors open.

And it looks like the owners of Four Quarters are coming fully prepared. Offering a menu with lots of delectable finger foods, an almost never ending list of beers, and more arcade games than you can play in a night, there’s pretty much no reason the traditional British pub lover wouldn’t want to plan a visit to Four Quarters. You don’t necessarily have to go to Four Quarters to have a drink, but combining games with social drinking is sure to attract a lot of repeat customers. Travelers are also bound to get a kick out of the fun and excitement that Four Quarters brings.

Four Quarters is set to open in a prime location in London, where it will be hard to miss such an unusual establishment. Set to open in June, only retro games will be at this London based barcade. So while you won’t see a vintage arcade machine for sale, you will be able to pick and choose from your favorites, then play then endlessly. For students, business professionals, stay at home parents, and all other adults who like to play arcade classics in casual environments, Four Quarters cannot be missed. True fanatics are welcome to sign up for regularly scheduled tournaments that are to be held at Four Quarters. So, get ready to get serious about classic arcade gaming, get your change ready, and be prepared to experience food, drinks, and fun, in a new way. Four Quarters will be opening in Trafalagar Square later in the month.